school visit – archery

Working with the students for archery we offer 1-2-1 teaching, instructing, demonstrating and assisting the young people whilst they have opportunities to practise.  Ranging from PE Lessons, GCSE Packages and Archery GB Progress Awards.

The Archery GB Progress Awards roll out a fantastic programme ensuring all young people will achieve within their 5 week block.  Stages are developed for all abilities, this is a great opportunity to boost confidence and allow the children to feel they have achieved greatness. Archery GB Progress Awards comes in 5 week blocks, for a 2 hours per week.  Cost of this is £600. We are able to teach two classes in this time, based on average class of 30, this would be £10 per child, including a Pin badge and certificate issued by Archery GB.

We are often invited to provide Archery for the school or certain classes, spending the day in your setting, our 10am-3.30pm package is £350.

gcse – archery

GCSE Sport offers Archery as an option and therefore, working with your PE dept. and syllabus, we will teach the 10 hour session either in full day blocks or weekly sessions. Please contact us for our competitive rates.

school visit – falconry

We can offer displays for the whole school or we work with individual classes. Our falconry sessions are very informative and interactive, discussing subjects from food cycles to biology of animals. We aim to teach children proactively to avoid too much sitting around, the display is very interactive, allowing you to create memories with the children as well as learning all about the birds.  Often falconry offers sensory opportunities; please speak with our experienced staff to discuss further.

Full Day 10-3.30pm Falconry Package is £350.

school fairs

Another area we often attend schools for, is their yearly summer/winter fairs. We offer Archery on a pay as you go system with £2.50 a head for six arrows and a percentage of the profits given to the school. Or book a falconry display that will really bring in the crowds. Please book your date early, as we do book up quickly for these events!